Faffing around

It’s been a very lazy week for me so far. Monday night was Lunes de Tango at Club Gricel, Tuesday evening I did Maya‘s group class at Caseron Porteno, and last night tried TangoLab at Club Villa Malcolm. So it sounds like I have been busy, but I’ve been frittering the days away with reading blogs, daydreaming, facebooking and other non-productive stuff.

I can’t spend 6 months (well, I could!) doing basically nothing; I need some more specific goals, ones to be done during the days. The 2 main reasons for being here are to dance and improve my tango, and learn Spanish. Group classes, private lessons and lots of milongas will help with the tango. The learning Spanish needs more work!

So here are some publicly stated goals for the Spanish –

  1. Attend Spanglish next Thursday.
  2. Publish a blog post entirely in Spanish in 1 month, 3 months and 6 months time.
  3. Achieve at least an 1800 word vocabulary by October.

Another objective is to get back into a regular exercise regime. Tango is not exercise! I’ve made a start on this but need to do more. It’s going to have to be outdoor exercise, there’s not enough money in my budget to go to a gym.

Last week the weather here was great, mid 20s, sunny, blue skies – very nice indeed. The last couple of days have been a different story. Still quite warm but lots of rain – not exactly encouraging for outdoor exercise. We’re back to dry today with showers possible and a forecast of 22 degrees and sunny again tomorrow. Well I am a Brit, we can’t help but talk about the weather!

I’ve got a private lesson with Maya this afternoon and tonight I’ll probably go to Nino Bien at Centro Region Leonesa.

Now, to all those folks at home (especially the non-facebook ones) who wanted to hear about my “adventures” – what have you been up to, what are your goals for the next 6 months?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog Mark! And i WISH i was in your shoes! I lond for BA with a passion…
    My goals for the next 6 months is to find out what i want to study, have a job i actually like and get my own flat! I also want to make space, time and effort to improve my dancing, right now its a little slow going. Cant find the same excitement here (for some strange reason,haha)
    I challenge you to speak only spanish two hours everyday! That should certainly help šŸ˜‰
    I love that you are living a dream, its such an inspiration!

    oh, another goal i have is to get some of my writing published:D
    Hugs from Marin!

  2. Hey, Mark: There's a gym in my hood, STelmo, where it is only 80-100pesos for a month membership…….with weights, classes, etc. You can probably find something like that near where you live, also. That could solve your outdoor workout problem since the BA winter can be challenging. The Spanish goal is very achievable. Good for you!! Setting some goals rather than falling into total BA, "tango decadency", haha! My 6 mos. goals are to rent my Palermo, BA apt.through end of August; travel back to the US, to visit family, in July/Aug; get more BA massage/pilates clients; learn more about and hang out with the polo crowd; find a nice boyfriend to keep me warm; continue improving my spanish and go to visit my friend, in Rio. That's not counting getting my resident visa/DNI and doctor's appts. Whew!! too much!! Need a vacation, already! Enjoy…….besos, d black

  3. Well Mr Brooker… it's so nice to hear what you have been up to. Keep up the good work and don't forget your jive roots!! Looking for a dance upon your return although I am not attending a regular jive night either at the moment and am doing salsa and WCS (reguler Wednesday in Andover now!) instead. My goals for the next 6 months… lose 2 and a half stone! Goos luck with the spanish xx

  4. Picaboo says:

    Good question, very good question… I have been trying to answer that one for the last 12 months, but even more actively in the last 3 months. Still not found the answer… So my goal for the next 6 months is to find the answer to the question. I think it is enough for tonight… My head hurts.

    Great news about your adventures, you make all of us jealous! XX

  5. Mark says:

    Hi Marin,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Your shoes are prettier than mine!

    It sounds like you'll be very busy in the next 6 months. I wish you success in all of your goals, and that you can find the right excitement in your dancing too.

    Only Spanish for 2 hours every day? Starting when? I accept your challenge but will have to build up to it I think, and hopefully surpass it.

    A blog would be one way to publish some of your writing. You could also check out http://sixsentences.ning.com/


  6. Mark says:

    Hey Dolores,

    Thanks for the gym info. I'll check out some of the local ones; I've walked past a couple in the last few days.

    Good luck renting your appartment. Unfortunately I couldn't persuade any of my friends to come with me for the whole of this trip. If I had then between us we could have probably managed an apartement. But some of them are coming out here in August for a couple of weeks and it will be nice to see them.

    Running away for the winter, eh? Hopefully to a nice warm part of the US! And hanging out with the polo crowd – surely one way to find a boyfriend to keep you warm. I went to a polo match once years ago. Stomping the divots back in at half time was fun.

    Good luck with the bureaucrats and the residents visa/DNI business. That should keep you busy!

    Let's compare notes in October and see how we did on meeting our goals…

    Un beso,

  7. Mark says:

    Hi Mel,

    I won't forget the jive, after 6 years that is so well ingrained Ijust couldn't. WCS will be a different story; I expect I'll be back in the beginners class again when I return.

    Two and a half stone in 6 months should be do-able with the right diet and exercise. Good luck with it šŸ™‚

    Looking forward to our next dance,

  8. Mark says:


    I don't think I've done anything to make people jealous before now!

    Maybe you should just run away and follow a crazy dream as I have done. I hope you can find your answer.

    Take care.

  9. Peter@tangosouth says:

    Just clcked on the Spanglish link. What a fabulous idea!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Starting today of course;)

    Thanks for that Mark=)Im already halfway on a book project, so we'll see how it turnes out.

    Enjoy yourself mate!;)

    Un Beso Grande,

  11. Mark says:

    Hey Marin,

    It's great you're already half way. Keep up the good work! If I can help in any way, let me know.

    Enjoy myself? You can count on it šŸ™‚

    Watch out for volcanic ash clouds!!


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