Slowing down

“Remember, slow down” were Amiee’s parting words as she turned and walked away on Friday afternoon. I walked back into Jardin Botanico, which you can see here from my balcony, and did just that. Sat on the benches, meandered round the paths, stroked some of the cats and took a few more photos (you can see some of them at Flickr).

At Los Consagrados last night, Cherie said something similar, along the lines of “forget the Anglo-Saxon rush, rush, rush. In tango there is time. Take it slowly”. I danced some not-too-shabby tandas after that.

Settling in to the “manana manana” mindset is not easy, at least on the tango front. Since my private lesson on Thursday I’ve done another group class and been to three more milongas. Soho Tango at Villa Malcolm on Thursday, Parakultural at Salon Canning on Friday, and Los Consagrados again last night.

I’m being much more South American about the other objectives I set myself! Still no regular exercise program, still no Spanish learned. And I haven’t bothered to do a blog post about the irritations of life here (which admittedly are pretty trivial). But I will still go to Spanglish on Thursday.

For the rest of this afternoon I’m going across the road to sit in Jardin Botanico. I’ll take the Spanish books with me, just in case. And tonight more tango at La Glorieta.

How was your weekend, what have you been doing? Have you been rushing around in an Anglo-Saxon way, or taking it easy in a South American way?

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4 Responses to “Slowing down”

  1. aytac says:

    Hi Mark!

    This weather this weekend was indeed very accommodating in terms of making us slow down and soak up the sun.

    We had a lovely class with P & J, adapting our dancing to different styles of music. I noted your comment a couple days ago about Biagi and D'Arienzo — here's a post about Biagi that I found interesting and helpful:

    You might remember the tune Mari mentions–Belgica–from one of our classes not too long ago.

    Btw, well done for braving it in BsAs and hope you make the best of your time there! Where else can one just drop into a milonga any day of the week? Not that I'd know, but so I hear.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. (No pressure, but) you're now on top of my favourite tango blogs list 🙂


  2. Mark says:


    I heard the class was good but I don't remember hearing Belgica in one before I came away. I've read a few of Mari's posts in the last couple of weeks but I hadn't read the Biagi one. I'm going to give her suggestions a try! Thanks for the link.

    There are so many classes, practicas and milongas here it's like being a kid in a candy store. Yum yum 🙂

    No.1 on your tango blogs list, eh? I'd better not slip up!


  3. Sallycat says:

    Blimey, is that really the view from your balcony? I want it!
    Nice to hear what you've been up to while I've been away, and to see your blog going from strength to strength.
    Maybe catch you for a tanda at Los Cons on Saturday, if you're going.


  4. Mark says:

    It really is. Good innit?

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