I had a touristy afternoon yesterday. It was overcast and a little hazy, so not the best day to be out taking photos but undeterred I went for a walk along Avenida de Mayo from the Subte linea A, estacion Peru, to Congreso Nacional and then along Callao to Subte linea D, estacion Callao.

The photos are at Flickr in the Sightseeing and monochrome sets.

I’m generally cooking for myself and eating in most nights. While in Salamanca last year I discovered I rather liked tortilla española. Last night for the first time (ever) I made it myself. My landlady, who is a bit precious about her kitchen was rather worried by the idea and assured me it wasn’t easy. It was a bit time consuming but not difficult. There are loads of recipes on the web, I used the one here but halved the quantities to fit the frying pan I had available. A (much) larger frying pan would have been useful and would have cut the cooking time by 15 minutes – I had to cook the potatoes in 2 batches because they wouldn’t all fit and cook in one go.

It was delicious. My landlady agreed.

Those who know me won’t be surprised to hear that I had the same thing again tonight. I was going to add some mushrooms and ham to the mix but couldn’t be bothered to go and buy them this afternoon. Next time… (which won’t be tomorrow!)

As expected I did suffer a bit with DOMS on Sunday. My plan to go to the gym on Saturday was thwarted by it being the May Day holiday, and just about everywhere was closed. I went out for a walk instead which probably helped reduce the DOMS effect a bit. I was back in the gym yesterday morning and this afternoon. And the aches are all gone now.

There’s still not much progress to report on my efforts to learn castellano. Mainly because I’m not making anywhere near enough effort. There is another reason which I might write a blog post about.

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