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A week after they disabled my gmail account and deleted my blog, I got an email from Google at my main email account. Apparently there was a ticket/reference number for the incident, although they never felt the need for me to know that. Their message said

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. The issue you described should now be resolved.

and included a link to the password reset page. And this time it actually worked. When I logged in there was a message saying they had detected suspicious activity on the account and a distinctly spam looking bounced message in my inbox. So I guess my account was hacked. My blog had re-appeared too.

Too late! It already has a new home here. It’s nice to have Google reader back since I didn’t find an alternative I liked in the week I was cast out of the Google cloud. And it’s nice to have my maps back. I think Blogger is an easy platform to use for people who just want to blog about stuff. But I’m not going back. I trust them even less now than I did before events like these

You knew about those, right?

I spent some time at the weekend fiddling with the new blog page layout. I’ve got most of the things working I liked about the old blog. You can subscribe using RSS, or by email (which still uses Feedburner until I find an alternative), there’s a collapsing archives list, stats, and a Flickr widget. The blogroll is static only right now. I found a plugin which generated a dynamic blogroll but it recreated it on the fly every time the page was refreshed. That made it very slow – about 15 seconds which is way too long. And I got bored fighting the CSS to get the colours and font sizes I wanted and gave up.

One day I may revisit the dynamic blogroll and colours but for now things are good enough.

The old site is still there but won’t be getting any more updates and is closed for comments.

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  1. jamsey says:

    Hi Mark
    Glad to see that a calm is descending on this incident and you are looking forward. With only 3 months left now is the time to fly

    • Mark says:

      Indeed. The first 3 months just flew by. Now I’m on the downhill slope the time will go faster and faster. And I might be coming home a week earlier than planned to do stuff I hadn’t thought about before I came out here.
      Hasta Octubre.

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