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For a few nights around the weekend before last I was back in full milonga-exploring mode. Over 4 nights I went to 7 milongas, some with the help of a couple of tanguera friends. Friday’s La Milonga del Gordo at La Nacional, Saturday’s Cachirulo at Plaza Bohemia, Tuesday’s Sentimental y Coqueta at Plaza Bohemia and Milonga 10 at Club Fulgor now have ticks next to them on my list. There are several still to try before 2 tanguera friends from England come out here in August.

The exploration of additional milongas continued more recently with Friday’s Unitango at La Ideal and La Meca at Plaza Bohemia, and Monday’s Shuseta at Plaza Bohemia getting ticked off my list. It’s amazing that I had been here 3 months before going to any of the Plaza Bohemia milongas!

In a change of scene from tango, one day last week I had afternoon tea at Las Violetas, a famous Buenos Aires coffee house. There were supposed to be 4 of us go, but 2 of the girls felt unwell so just 2 of us went and indulged. It’s an impressive building from the 1920s with stained glass windows, marble floors, big columns and chandeliers. Eventually it fell into disuse and was boarded up. A 6 month restoration project in 2001 brought it back to life. I didn’t take any photos of the building because when I arrived my friend was already waiting inside. I’ll go back at some point and take some photos. Meanwhile, you can see what it looks like at their website.

We chose one of their platters –

and did a pretty good job of polishing it off. I think there was one sandwich and a small, sad-looking pastry left when we declared ourselves stuffed.

Back to tango, there’s another milonga for me to try for the first time tonight – Lo de Celia.

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