Not only tango

There’s more to Argentina than Buenos Aires. And there’s more to Buenos Aires than tango. Or so I’m told.

Actually there really is. Although my focus this visit has been tango I have done a few non-tango things. Today was a day for something else – learning to make empanadas. This was another recommendation from my friend Sally, described in her blog here. There is a tango connection though because empanadas are staple food for a lot of people at many milongas.

I cut short rather a good night’s dancing at la Milonguita so I could get up early enough this morning to get to Adrogue at 11am for the Cooking with Teresita Empanadas Argentinas Cooking Class. Teresita’s web site gives directions for several modes of transport. I chose the Adrogue shuttle bus from Cerrito and Tucuman. It was $8 (pesos not dollars) one way and took about an hour and a quarter. On a good day it might only take 50 minutes but don’t count on it. On a bad day your shuttle might get stopped by transit authority inspectors and another 15-30 minutes added to your journey. I recommend taking the train from Constitucion station instead. Only $1.10 and 30 minutes each way.

Despite the traffic I arrived just on time and was greeted by the delightful Teresita and her husband, Raul. There were only two other people on the course today (the maximum number is eight) and we waited a few minutes for them to arrive. When they hadn’t arrived by 11:15 we started without them. Brilliant, a one-to-one cookery class. Irwin and Kwin arrived just as we finished chopping ingredients. They had taken a shuttle bus too. They actually boarded theirs 15 minutes before I got in mine, and guess what happened to them.

Under instruction from Teresita we cooked the fillings for the two types of empanadas (carne and humita). Good empanadas start with cold fillings so they went into the freezer to chill for a while. We retired to the garden to learn about and sample the right wines to accompany meat and corn empanadas. Then it was dough making, stuffing and cooking. We made both baked and deep fried empanadas. Two fillings times two cooking methods made four types for sampling.

Back to the garden we went to eat the fruits of our (not very hard) labours and drink more wine. We ate until we were stuffed and chatted until the wine was gone. Teresita provided doggie-bags to take away our uneaten empanadas. We took the train back from the suburbs. No prizes for guessing what I’m having for dinner tonight. Followed by facturas of course!

If you want to try something different I can thoroughly recommend Teresita’s empanadas course.

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2 Responses to “Not only tango”

  1. sallycat says:

    Hey, Soooooooo glad you tried this! Isn’t Teresita great? And Raul? And the empanadas… and how lovely to think of you eating in the garden. Far too chilly for that in England right now. Has spring truly sprung in Buenos Aires? I am looking forward to seeing blossom on the trees again 🙂
    Till soon, SC

    • Mark says:

      Hey Sally,

      Thanks for suggesting it! Teresita and Raul are lovely and the empanadas were delicious. Spring has indeed sprung. It was about 21 degrees today and really nice sat in the garden with good company, good food and good wine. I still have a few more of your suggestions to try out before the end of the month.


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