Standards, what standards?

I’ve blogged about the “Lunes de Tango” milonga at Club Gricel before. I’ve just got in from another Monday night there where there were more codigo violations to add to my list.

First off, who thinks a baggy t-shirt printed with “Fuck Google, ask me” in big letters across the chest is appropriate attire for a milonga? Who thinks it is a good idea to let someone wearing said t-shirt into a milonga? He looked and sounded like a porteño, in his fifties I would guess. There were mostly locals in, and very few tourists. OK, it was printed in English so some or even a lot of them might not have known what it said. But no-one else knew what it said? I find that hard to believe.

It is not uncommon for guys, especially those in poor seats, to go sharking around a milonga looking for a partner after a tanda has started. Women are not supposed to do the same thing. They might get up and visit el baño, or walk outside for a cigarette to increase their visibility but they’re not supposed to go sharking. And they’re definitely not supposed to verbally invite men to dance as they cruise past. She was in her fifties, looked and sounded like a porteña. “Bailas milonga” she asked on her way back from el baño. Surprised I shook my head and replied “No”. She didn’t break stride, just kept walking. She probably knew I was an extranjero. Maybe she thought I wouldn’t recognise or mind the codigo violation, or I’d be flattered.

Things just aren’t what they used to be.

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  1. Sam says:

    Disgraceful! They clearly haven’t read Happy Tango have they!

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