TangoCynic strikes again

I’ve read a few blog posts about tangueras’ tango shoes in the last year or so. Now TangoCynic has weighed in with another in their cracking series of animated tango videos on YouTube. In two weeks the mystery TangoCynic has posted eight superb videos. I know some people are afraid they might discourage new or potential new tangueros and tangueras. I think the people most likely to watch the videos have been dancing tango long enough to recognise both the truth and humour in them and are already too committed to be so easily put off. And having recently seen an entire wardrobe full of tango shoes I can’t resist sharing this one.

I’m not going to link or embed all of TangoCynic’s videos but I do suggest you visit their YouTube page and watch them all.

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2 Responses to “TangoCynic strikes again”

  1. tangobob says:

    I think Viv was in this video. We need a bigger house for all the shoes.
    Not just Comme il Faut though. There is Tango 8, Tango por Vos, Susana Artasanal, Fabio, Darcos, and Neo Tango, just joined as well is Vikinga, the list just goes on and on.
    I recon If I sold all the shoes I could buy that Ferrari I always wanted.

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