EBC trek 25 March

It was sub-zero last night. The washing water in the plastic barrel froze. Luckily they swapped it for another and even provided a barrel of hot water too. There was quite a frost on the ground and the views were fantastic this morning.

We left Tengboche at 07:30. Goki, my guide, reckoned five hours to get to Dingboche. We made it in four hours which surprised me given how slowly I felt I was plodding uphill. It was sunny this morning with an air temperature of about five degrees (celsius). It the sunshine it felt warmer until the wind got up. And this afternoon it started snowing, albeit only lightly. So I’m now at 4410m asl. The going is getting harder, especially on the uphill bits. Another three days and 950m ascent to get to Everest Base Camp.

There are more photos at Flickr but today my camera doesn’t want to talk to the laptop so I can’t upload the most recent ones and I haven’t finished tagging those already uploaded anyway.

No more music on the iPod today. I don’t know if it’s the cold or the altitude but it wouldn’t boot today; just clicks sadly and fails to initialise. Hopefully it will recover when then temperature and pressure increase on the way back down.

Not having the usual 3 Weetabix a day is having the expected unfortunate effect on my guts. Eating vegetables and muesli isn’t helping. Imodium is my friend.

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