EBC trek 30 March

We were indeed the only guests at Pumori Lodge at Pheriche. We had breakfast at 07:30 and I persuaded Goki of the wisdom of getting to Lukla tomorrow. Basically it gives me the chance of being in Kathmandu a day earlier, or gives me three shots at getting there before my flight to Delhi and connection to Bangkok instead of just two.

So yesterday was a long and tiring “downhill” slog from Pheriche to Monju. I’d have been happy to stop at Namche but Goki was keen to get to Monju. I suspected he had a hot date lined up. We left at 08:30 and got to Tengboche at 11:00. The trail to here was a mixture of snow and ice, and from Debuche to Tengboche, slush. The rhododendron forest between Debuche and Tengboche was still asleep, Goki said they should be in bloom in a couple of weeks.

After lunch we set off at 12:00 with a hard-on-the-knees downhill to the river and then a long uphill slog to Namche. We arrived after three hours, had a cup of tea and twenty minutes later pressed on to Monju.

We reached Monju about 17:00. For a day of going downhill – 4270m asl to 2835m asl – there was a lot of uphill involved. It was really quite tiring.

Today we did Monju to Lukla in just over four hours, arriving in good time for lunch. The theme for the day was “Spring”. Whereas on the way up, a little over a week ago I saw only one rhododendron in bloom, today there were several open. And there were many more alpine plants in flower. Also the crops  had shot up and there were fields of solid green (wheat and barley) whereas last week they were just brown fields. The photos are all uploaded to Flickr.

I met an interesting Australian  girl in Khumjung Lodge in Lukla. She’s a teacher, here doing voluntary work for a year. Later in the afternoon a group of Americans arrived and we compared notes on how our treks went. Goki managed to change our flights so we’re in with a chance of getting back to Kathmandu tomorrow. I’m not sure exactly which flight we’re supposed to be on. After delivering me safely back to Lukla, and changing the flights, he had one or two celebratory drinkies. He offered me a glass too of some local distilled from millet fire water. One sip of the evil tasting concoction was more than enough for me.  I guess all will be revealed tomorrow. Fingers crossed for good flying weather.

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2 Responses to “EBC trek 30 March”

  1. sallycat says:

    Hey Mark! Just read all the trek entries. Gosh, you couldn’t be much further from dancing with glam chicas in Nuevo Chique (where I was, dancing with hombres guapos and getting sore feet, yesterday) could you? Well maybe we have sore feet in common…
    How is it really feeling to live this particular dream of yours? Am looking forward to hearing your reflections on that subject, if you fancy sharing them at some point. Is the experience what you expected it would be? Can’t resist asking, as you know these themes are my favourites… the process of discovering who we really are and all!
    Anyway, am thinking of you as I wake up to a sunny Buenos Aires this morning.
    Un abrazo, SC

    • Mark says:

      Hey Sally,

      I just knew you, or someone else, would ask that question. “How does it feel?” is the next entry to be fleshed out and transcribed. The nitty gritty techie details are easy to relate. The emotional side is harder to articulate. Watch this space!

      Un abrazo right back.

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