Just lazing around

We finished our massage course on Monday with an hour long practical exam in the afternoon. We both passed and have the certificates to prove it. That’s a good few CPD points for this year. Hannah is keen to go back to Bangkok and do another massage course. I don’t think I’ll be doing another one so soon.

On Tuesday morning we were up at silly o’clock to visit the flower market. The best time is supposed to be between 3am and 6am. We got there about 5am to be greeted by gorgeous sights and smells. The market is mainly wholesale but they’ll happily sell to individuals and tourists too. The flowers are stupidly cheap – two dozen roses for less than £1 for example. My photos don’t really do the flowers justice – the flash performance of my camera has always been a bit wanting – but there are a handful of the less poor ones on Flickr.

By dawn at around 6am the market was already winding down with some of the sellers packing up and going home. Afterwards we returned to the hotel for breakfast, checked out and caught our bus to Koh Chang. A six hour ride through country that changed very little once we were outside Bangkok. Six lanes of tarmac with a central divide and low rise domestic and commercial buildings both sides. Then a thirty minute ferry crossing from Trad to Koh Chang and almost another hour in a taxi to reach Bang Bao at almost the other end of the island.

We were soaked by the time we reached Bang Bao. It’s Songkran – Thai New Year – and the locals think it’s hilariously funny to chuck as much water over everyone else, but especially tourists as they possibly can. And the taxis (pick up trucks with a dozen unsuspecting victims in the back) delight in slowing down whenever passing a bunch of Thais with their oil drum full of iced water and plastic tubs and buckets for chucking it. Remind me to come back with a water tender and water cannon and repay the humour some time.

Hannah went off for another soaking yesterday and has gone snorkelling today. I’ve just been sitting in the shade on the decking with the ocean on my left hand side, listening to the waves, listening to Pugliese on my iPod, reading books on my Kindle and doing next to nothing. I thought about doing a couple of Happy Hearts Quest tasks but even that seemed like too much effort. Maybe tomorrow…

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4 Responses to “Just lazing around”

  1. sallycat says:

    Sounds to me like your own Happy Hearts Quest is coming along rather splendidly… rest, nurture, doing the things YOU want to do. Mix in to that a regular creative practice (something that brings you joy like your writing, massage, drawing the new worlds before your eyes…) and the ideas and possibilities will start to flow like molten gold.
    Thanks for mentioning and linking to the Happy Hearts Quest, it’s always wonderful to attract a few more willing hearts!
    Wishing you great joy on your journey, SC.

    • Mark says:

      Not many answers yet but I’m working on the questions. I thought I could nail task 4 but restricting it to 3 words is tough. I might have to go with 4 (actually 5 words). Bring on the molten gold.

  2. Ruth says:

    Hi Mark. Congrats on your massage course.

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