DMT week 1

Holstee manifesto

DMT is dive master trainee in case you were wondering.

There is no timetable or schedule for the dive master course. It takes as long as it takes. It can be finished in as little as three weeks. Some of the guys here have been here for as many months. I think that may have something to do with all the dives you do while on the course being “free” (included in the course fee). I’m aiming to be finished in six weeks by which time I expect to have logged about a hundred dives. I’m up to about thirty so far.

So far I’ve spent four days shadowing one of the dive masters, done two or three dives every day except today, and made a start on the book work. I’ll do the first (dive guide) exam tomorrow and start assisting instructors on courses the day after.

I haven’t taken any photos since starting the dive master course so had nothing topical to head this post with. But I came across the Holstee manifesto today and it sums up pretty nicely where I’m at. The image is embedded with their permission. Thanks guys 🙂

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