Five weeks later


Five and a half weeks later to be precise. Since my last post I’ve done little except diving. Pretty much every day. My tango friend from Istanbul visited for a couple of weeks and we spent two days doing non-diving things. She went home almost convinced to quit work, buy a round the world ticket and go travelling. But otherwise it has been diving, diving and more diving, and some study/academic stuff. In the next few days I will complete the dive master (strictly speaking Dive Control Specialist) course. It has been lots of fun, but also hard work, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

I’ve been debating internally the merits of being a perpetual DMT (Dive Master trainee – generic term applied to anyone on the Dive Master or Dive Control Specialist courses). We get up to five “free” dives every day and have almost no responsibilities. It would be easy to stay here but would be a waste of the money I spent on the round the world ticket. So I will be leaving Koh Tao on August 27 and continuing my journey back to Buenos Aires. I will tango in the milongas again. Beijing will be my next stop after a night or two in Bangkok.

Today I made my one hundredth dive. Tradition has it the century dive is made in the nude. Poor visibility and warm water were very welcome.

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