Stuck in Christchurch

One night was all I had planned in earthquake devastated Christchurch. Just long enough to collect some post from the Post Office, have a quick look around and hop on a bus to Kaikoura. Unfortunately my post hasn’t arrived. The Post Office is closed over the weekend. So I’m stuck here until at least Monday. That’s a triple whammy because

  • there’s not a lot to do here
  • it steals time from the places I will go after here
  • there is nowhere else to sensibly go for the weekend using the bus pass I have

So it looks like being a research and planning weekend for North Island, Easter Island and Peru. Made more difficult by the fact that internet access in New Zealand is basically crap. It’s also expensive. This may be a first world country but with only 4 million people the telecoms infrastructure is a bit lacking. Very few hostels offer free wifi or internet connected PCs. In most places it is NZ$3-4 per hour for a painfully slow connection. There’s not exactly an abundance of internet cafés either, and those there are have the same expensive and not astonishingly quick connections.

I checked for any tango in Christchurch over the weekend. Google says not. It also doesn’t offer much hope for any milongas in the places I’ll be, on the days I hope to be in them before leaving New Zealand.

Fingers crossed my post arrives soon and I can resume my travels. What are you hoping for on Monday morning?

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