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Tangueras in tow

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

I am still here. Despite the evidence to the contrary in the form of no updates for three weeks. I have been stupidly busy running around with two visiting tangueras in tow.

A couple of tanguera friends arrived from the UK two weeks ago. They knew some of what to expect but could really use a guide to facilitate their visit and make it as satisfying and rewarding as possible.

They blitzed Comme il Faut not once, not twice, but three times. They drank champagne and ate medialunas and facturas, steak, pizza and pasta, and ice cream. They watched a tango show. They danced at a milonga every night except the night of the show. But they made up for missing that night with a matinee milonga on their last day. They tried traditional, tourist and informal milongas. They rode the open top city tour bus, wandered around the Botanic Garden and visited Eva Peron’s tomb in Recoleta cemetry. They took group classes and private lessons. They shopped in the markets at San Telmo and Feria de Mataderos. They admired the gauchos and their amazing display of horsemanship and skill, and the folk dancers at Feria de Mataderos. They soaked up the atmosphere at El Ateneo and appreciated the ceiling at Galerias Santa Fe. They visited Caminito, had hot chocolate and churros, saw the Palermo flower. They avoided the dog poo and potholes when they walked the Buenos Aires pavements. They rode the subte, colectivos and taxis, and hoarded their monedas. They took afternoon tea at Cafe Tortoni. They shopped for tango outfits. One bought a stunning silver/grey dress and wore it while competing in the salon category of the Mundial de Baile. They enjoyed sunny weather and on a couple of days highs of 25 degrees.

Finally, exhausted but very happy, they were whisked away by taxi for their return flight to the UK. When they come back to Buenos Aires next year they will come for longer and take things a little slower.

After I waved them off I returned home totally cream crackered and slept for half the day. Now I’m catching up on three weeks worth of unanswered emails, photos that need sorting and a neglected blog. There are photos of some of our exploits in my Flickr photostream. When I finish getting them organised there will be separate sets for Feria de Matderos, the Mundial etc.