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Non diving days

Thursday, March 7th, 2013


I had a few more of these than I would have liked while in Khao Lak. There’s really not a lot to do there on non-diving days. A typical such day started with getting up late and breakfast or brunch at Ten Star (pictured above). So long as I bought something they were happy to let me sit using their electricity and wifi for hours at a time .

Breakfast, Khao Lak



Standard breakfast: muesli, fruit and yoghurt with a good book on the side.











Followed a couple of hours later by McNuggets or a double cheeseburger meal.







Then a walk down to the beach to my favourite massage place.

Favourite massage spot, Khao Lak


An hour later I’d sit in one of the beach recliners for a bit more reading and then wander back along the beach to my room. The guest house provided free tea and coffee all day so I’d drink a few cups of tea while reading or getting a bit of a facebook and email fix. Around 7pm it was time to head to Khao Lak family seafood restaurant for dinner.



If I was lucky my phone would ring before leaving the restaurant with an offer of work for the next day. If not I’d do pretty much exactly the same thing all over again the next day. One or two of these in a row wasn’t so bad, but three or four got to be seriously boring. I read a LOT of books while I was in Khao Lak. Thank goodness for my Kindle.


A bit of disclosure: if you click that Kindle link and actually buy one while on the Amazon page I’ll get a tiny commission. It won’t make any difference to how much you pay, and it won’t make me rich, but if Amazon are prepared to give me a slice of their profits then I’m happy to accept them.