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What am I talking about?

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

A couple of non-tango friends have recently commented that they don’t know what I’m talking about in some of my posts. There are “funny” words they don’t understand. So belatedly I’ve created a little glossary to explain the funny words. For easy access there’s a permanent link to the glossary under the “Pages” tab in the right hand sidebar.

If you find a funny word you don’t understand in the blog pages and it’s not in the glossary, let me know and I’ll add an entry for it.

Que pasa

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

There’s not a lot for me to report on the tango front. The week before last I tried a new milonga for me – the Tuesday afternoon El Arranque at Salón La Argentina. I got there shortly after it opened, at about 3:30pm and stayed for about 4 hours. There weren’t many people there when I arrived but by 5pm there were about 100 people, with an excess of men. So rather more people than the Monday afternoon milonga at La Ideal. I was the only extranjero (foreigner) there and easily the youngest man in the room by at least 15 years. Some of the guys looked like they’d have difficulty walking without a zimmer frame, never mind dancing. A couple of the women were possibly in the same decade as me, the rest were at least a decade older. Despite those things, or maybe because of them, I danced all the tandas I wanted to.

The following night at Sueño Porteño I had something of an epiphany (in the feeling sense). It struck me that actually I don’t need to tango every day. This came as quite a surprise and I haven’t worked out all the ramifications yet. On the practical front it does mean I’ve only been out to dance 4 times since then including (another new one for me) the Nuevo Chiqué 1st anniversary milonga at Casa de Galicia. 3 of them were rather disappointing outings because my heart wasn’t in it, but last night at los Consagrados was good as usual.

There’s a photo from El Arranque and a few from Nuevo Chiqué in my Milongas set on Flickr.

I’ve had a few days out and about sightseeing. One was a wander around Plaza de Mayo and Puerto Madero. Plaza de Mayo houses many government buildings and the architecture is very grandiose and monumental. Puerto Madero is rather like London’s Docklands – a rejuvenation of the docks area into a luxury flats and fine dining complex complete with a single pylon suspension/swing bridge, La Puente de la Mujer. According to the designer it represents a couple dancing tango but I can’t really see it myself. Have a look at the photos in my Plaza de Mayo and Puerto Madero set and see if you can.

Another was a wander around Palermo and Recoleta, including the world famous Cementerio Recoleta. Having been before I didn’t need to track down the tombs of the rich and famous in general, or Eva Peron in particular. But it was a good excuse to take a few photos.

The third was a visit to Palacio Barolo in Avenida de Mayo. When it was built it was the tallest building in Buenos Aires, at 100m, and the views across the city from the lighthouse at the top are quite impressive. At the time of writing this post, their website is broken but you can read a bit more about the building and it’s history here and see some photos in my Palacio Barolo set at Flickr.

In a couple of weeks I will either have to go and sit in Migraciones all day and pay $300 (pesos not US dollars) to renew my visa, or take a boat trip across the Rio de la Plata to Uruguay. Spending the money on the boat trip sounds like the better option…

I’m making a bit of progress on the castellano front. Slow and not at all steady, but progress nonetheless.

Oh the anticipation

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

It’s so close I can almost taste it. Sallycat‘s guidebook to dancing tango in Buenos Aires – Happy Tango – is on its way. You can’t quite buy it yet, but you can pre-order at Amazon or register your interest here.

Getting a book published sounds like hard work. Writing the words is only the beginning. There have been a few challenges and setbacks between the final full stop and now. But maybe any delays were meant to be. Instead of arriving late in the 2009/2010 tourist season it’s going to available before the start of the 2010/2011 tourist season. And it’s going to be available before Mundial 2010, the tango festival and dance world cup in Buenos Aires in August 2010.

Congratulations, Sally, all the hard work, perseverance and determination is about to pay off 🙂