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Oh so cynical

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

This morning a couple of friends posted this video on facebook…

I thought I’d share it here. TangoCynic has uploaded 4 videos so far, they’re all pretty funny and I hope there’ll be more.

When life clicks

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Google has done it’s chewing up and spitting out a blog trick again. This time the poor unsuspecting victim was Tangri-lá. Johanna had no backups and is being philosophical about being unable to get Google to reinstate it. She’s using it as a reason to move on and explore a new subject – photography. So she has a new blog called When Life Clicks over at wordpress. She says there will still be occasional tango talk and and cute cats…

Just a dream?

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

The last month in Buenos Aires raced by so fast it was untrue. I’ve been back in the UK just over two weeks and time is still racing by.

I am doing exactly the same stuff now as I was before I went to Buenos Aires for 6 months. I go to work, I go dancing five or six nights a week. It is almost like I never went away, as if it was all just a dream. I have some souvenirs that prove it was real; a certificate saying I competed in the tango world cup, video of the event, lots of new email addresses and new facebook friends, new tango shoes I really don’t like. In November I’m going to Turkey for the Istanbul tango ritual and will stay with one of those new friends I made. So yes, it really did happen, and no it wasn’t just a dream.

I’m missing Buenos Aires but at the same time there are things about being home that I’m really liking – dancing modern jive and west coast swing again, being able to see my friends. I was expecting to find it hard to re-adjust to tango in the UK. I know a number of people, both leaders and followers, who have come back from Buenos Aires and struggled to integrate the tango from there into tango here. Surprisingly it’s not been too hard so far. I’m dancing the way I adapted to dance over there. Followers can like it or lump it. So far all the comments have been favourable.

I will keep blogging. There are some unfinished posts from Buenos Aires that I will knock into shape and then the focus might change a bit. At least until I manage to get back there.