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End of an addiction?

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

I’ve been back in Buenos Aires since 9 January. The city is hot and sticky, the milongas crowded and I’m hardly dancing at all. Somewhere in Patagonia my already shaky tango mojo decided to disappear altogether. Perhaps it jumped ship down in Antarctica. I don’t know where or when, I didn’t actually see it sneak off. I came back to Pax hostel again, collected my tango gear from the friend I’d left it with and went to a milonga. And didn’t dance. I listened to the music, watched the dancers, and didn’t dance.

I felt distinctly rusty in November, even more so in January. Could classes help? I scoured the tango blogs and any other sources I could find for recommendations for group classes. Checked out a few teachers through videos of them on Youtube (not ideal but gives an idea of what their classes might be like) and went to a couple of classes to chcck them out in person. My opinion of group classes here in Buenos Aires has always been that they’re too random. You never know if you’ll get the advertised teacher, what level they’ll pitch the class at, how many people will be there or what the balance of leaders and followers will be. Private lessons are just too expensive. The group classes I enjoyed most and found most useful were the Carlos Perez ones at Club Sunderland on Monday and Wednesday evenings. They’re just walking. That’s it, just walking. The level of interest and involvement from the teacher was minimal however. The classes last about 30 minutes and are followed by a practica. By practica time there seems to always be a few more leaders than followers and people have their favourites to practise with.  I just didn’t feel like practising.

A dear tanguera friend joined me here for a couple of weeks at the end of January. My mojo improved with her encouragement but my enthusiasm failed to return. In the past when my confidence has been lacking I have still been enthusiastic. Since she went home I’ve been to only a handful of milongas and averaged about one tanda at each. The passion I felt for tango before leaving the UK a year ago has disappeared. Dancing it is not bringing me joy. So there’s not much to keep me in Buenos Aires at the moment.

My plans for 2012 were predicated on a couple of factors, one of  them being tango. Time for another re-think.